Dining Out at Chaophraya

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 09/07/18

With 8 restaurants around the country, Chaophraya is a lovely venue for dining out. We have visited the Newcastle branch a number of times, wowed by its impressive views of Grey’s Monument. Each of the locations has an elegant ambiance even if they don’t have the wonderful Toon landscape to stare at while enjoying your food – yes, we’re biased!

Vegan isn’t labelled on the menu but staff are well versed in what is SFV. It would be good to see this in the future, especially when so many chains have specific vegan menus. We do appreictae the fact there’s a guide to how spicy dishes are, however. Not everyone wants their meal to blow their head off. I’m a fan of a delicate warmth, whereas other members of the family don’t like a curry unless it makes them cry!

As it was date night we chose to Ted Sakarn Jay Banquet. This is priced at £28 per person and there needs to be at least two people sharing. It is labelled vegetarian but we were assured dishes could be adapted for our vegan diet. This isn’t for those with a small appetite, it has to be said, and I felt it could have easily fed 3!

First to arrive was a sharing platter with two of each appetiser. I personally loved the Sweetcorn Cakes while my partner enjoyed the Thai Vegetable Tacos. We were then treated to an intermediate course of another round of Miang Kham, which literally translates as ‘one bite wrap’. 

I foolishly believed we would get one main course each, so when 4 arrived in total I was a bit overwhelmed. Tapas style plates of Thai Green Tofu Curry, Sweet & Sour Tofu, Vegetable Tamarind and Pad Thai (minus the egg) were served for us to share, alongside a portion of Riceberry Rice. 

I already adored Chaophraya’s Green Curry before I became vegan and this version was no exception. The Pad Thai was also spot on, although we both started to feel there was a bit too much tofu and not enough veg used. Don’t get me wrong, I have no aversion to the stuff, but as a vegan I don’t always need a meat substitute to consider a meal filling.

The Riceberry Rice was interesting. High in anti-oxidants and vitamins it is more filling than standard rice so we couldn’t eat as much. We felt we wasted a lot and we do worry about that sort of thing. I wonder if the portion needs to be reduced or we just had full tummies from all the other dishes?

The dishes were beautifully presented and the staff were lovely. Dessert was a little uninspiring for vegans and the standard sorbet offer. As we were so full after main course we decided against it. The cocktails are a little on the pricey side (expect to pay around £8-£9 each), although if this is a special treat one won’t break the bank. If you have a Chaophraya near to you and have felt concerned about whether they accommodate, give it a try.

Please let us know about any new vegan menus you’ve found while out and about and share photos with the community!





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