Valentine’s Silver Marmite Lid

by Gavin
Last updated: 10/02/19

Engraved Marmite Lid

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. There are vegans out there who either love Marmite or hate Marmite.

For all the Lovers out there, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by gifting the ultimate expression of love: the Valentine’s Marmite Lid.

Engraved Marmite Lid

It’s made out of solid 925 sterling silver in a Birmingham silversmiths, the exclusive design can be personalised with the name of your loved one to make it that extra special token of affection.

Engraved Marmite Lid

The silver Marmite lid fits a 250g jar and the lid can be used on new Marmite jars in the future. The engraving is carried out with a diamond-tipped machine cutters so the message lasts a lifetime.

Buy a lid today from the Engravers Guild. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 
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