Subway Send Their Vegan Sub Nationwide

by Gavin
Last updated: 17/04/19

Subway have joined other outlets in the UK to roll out a grab and go vegan option to their line-up. They’re now alongside the likes of Greggs and McDonald’s. 

Subway are now offering a Vegan Sub and a Vegan Salad. 

Subway Vegan Sub Sign

The Vegan Sub and Salad have a patty which forms the core of the meals. We’ve tried it and it’s pretty tasty built up with flavours of red pepper, chilli, garlic and red onion. 

Subway Vegan Sub

We know that the food doesn’t always look like the photos, and I do like a solid amount of salad but when the sub was opened it had the distinct look like it had been chucked off the top of a skyscraper and ran over by a truck before it met my mouth. 

If you love having garlic sauce up to your eyeballs (I do) then the none photo version is definitely for you. As well as the patty, Subway have also a released a new Vegan Garlic Alioli which you can see in the photo doused over everything. 

Subway Vegan Sub Patty

The patty’s texture is almost like a soft burger brimming with taste. 

If you’re looking for a hearty grab and go then the sub is probably what you’re after. For the quicker lighter eaters in the community you’re probably still headed to Greggs. 

Next up we’ll be trying the salad.

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  • Penelope Fry says:

    I get excited every time that a non-vegan business adds or improves vegan menu items, even Subway! 😻 It means that the supplier of the vegan patties gets a boost, and it’s easier for people to go vegan. I remember when it was hard to even find tofu! Things just keep getting better and better, and COVID-19 isn’t stopping the trend of consumer preferences shifting to vegan options.

  • Teresa says:

    I just wished they’d have a dedicated pair of hands for the salad! They change their gloves for vegans, when they prepare the bread and patty, but all of the salad has had meat-contaminated fingers dunked in it. I’d be sure I’d find a slither of chicken amongst my sweetcorn and lettuce 🙁
    If they had one person to prepare all the bread/meat/patty and then they handed over to someone who only put on the salad and sauces, I’d be tempted to go . The initial change of gloves seems pointless if you’re having salad on it!
    Always good to have non-meat options, though

  • Jimmy Long says:

    Pictures are always different to actually hand made product ‘fresh to order’ the picture, potentially made over a busy lunch and then wrapped up vs the ‘menu pic’ the latter is made offsite,
    Nice but full fat.

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