Review of Temporary Tattoos from Things I Care About

by Sandra
Last updated: 03/12/17

Nov 2017 update – new temporary tattoo’s and colouring books

April 2017

We got sent these two sheets of temporary tattoos to try from Things I Care About.

and I have slowly been trying them out. Some for a day or two, some for a week or two. They last well and are actually quite hard to get off. They take a bit of a scrub to get off. But that’s what you want really so they don’t rub off easily when worn. If clothing is worn over any with a clear area such as the rabbit, the colour can be picked up. I have been very pleased with them and can highly recommend them. Especially if your like me and like a change and wouldn’t find it easy to just pick one tattoo.

This is how you put them on. Cut close to picture, peel off top clear sheet, place where you want it and wet it. Slide off, dry and that’s it. To remove use soap and water and rub with a washcloth or similar for friction. The area will be a bit pink, but will soon recover ready for your next one.


Things I care about also sells these fabulous badges. I also got sent some of these and they are nice and large and good quality. Here is the ones they sell.

and they also sell fridge magnets and iron on patches and are expanding the products they sell all the time.

Visit there shop

and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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