Papa John’s launch Sheese Pizzas

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 05/02/19

People may roll their eyes and say you’ve always been able to have a vegan pizza from Papa John’s here in the UK if you ordered the Garden Party minus the dairy, but for us as a family it is great news the company is now stocking Sheese (Bute Island’s alternative) and offering 3 vegan pizzas on its menu in over 350 outlets across the country. 

It appears after posting a photo of my pizza that not everyone realised the Special Garlic Dip you can order at Papa John’s is accidentally vegan. This used to make the meal for me and we’d often order copious amounts of it to cover the pizza in. Now the Sheese is available I feel there’s less of a need for the sauce, although it always works well with the crust!

We also ordered a side of Marmite and Sheese Scrolls. As the slogan states, you either love it or hate it. I fall into the latter, I’m afraid, so couldn’t finish them off. Someone I work with tried them and said she thought they were lovely, so it’s definitely a personal taste thing.

We have heard that since the official launch on Monday (28th Jan) Papa John’s have experienced such a demand that they run out of Sheese. I hope they manage to restock before the weekend. I imagine this will be very popular because of its convenience. Many have complained about the cost of these pizzas but the company often run 50% pizza promotions. It’s worth checking online for a discount code before ordering.

There have also been reports that dairy cheese has been used on some pizzas, especially after the Sheese ran out. I was very certain the dairy free alternative was used on our pizza. The smell and the taste was definitely enough to confirm it and, as my son said, it sticks to your teeth like many non-dairy cheese alternatives. If in doubt please check with the store before ordering/consuming.

Pizza options include Vegan Sheese and Tomato, Garden Party with Sheese and Hot Pepper Passion with Sheese. You can order online, on their app or at your local Papa John’s.

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