Nomo Chocolate – Is it any good?

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 08/06/19

We spend a lot of time on Instagram seeking out new products to share with you and we were shocked to see talk of a vegan alternative to Galaxy being mooted. Available from Tesco and Holland & Barrett Nomo has recently launched and many are saying it tastes just like my old favourite chocolate.

This range of dairy free from chocolate is made by Kinnerton in a nut free factory and comes in 4 varieties – Creamy Choc, Dark Chocolate, Fruit & Crunch and Salted Caramel. All are also soy free apart from the Dark Chocolate version.

The 38g bars are 90p while the larger 85g blocks are £2. We were happy to find them on the shelves of our local Tesco and decided to give them a try. For those craving a dairy free Galaxy alternative you will be sorely disappointed – IMO, at least – but it is smoother than other dairy free alternatives we’ve tested over the years. Compare it to the vegan chocolate normally available in the supermarket and it’s like comparing ‘advent calendar’ chocolate to Dairy Milk. That’s what I thought, anyway. 

I did like the Salted Caramel bar because of how salty it is. I wouldn’t really detect much of the caramel, but the savoury hit made a nice change and gave an edge to the experience. I would definitely buy it again.

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