New Vegan Dishes at Wagamama

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 02/06/19

As well as the new Avant Gard’n by Gaz Oakley being available across the country, Wagamama also have a new vegan starter and dessert option available. We popped along to find out more.

On a recent visit to Noodle Lab in London, a restaurant where Wagamama trial all their new dishes, we sampled Avant Gard’n with its vegan ‘egg’. The seitan used was a lot lighter than the one found on the popular Vegatsu, especially as it isn’t breaded. We weren’t that keen on the egg, although we were told after the fact it’s supposed to be mixed in with the dish rather than eaten like a boiled egg. If this isn’t explained, how are we to know? The sriracha which formed the egg ‘yolk’ was hot for us and the miso-coconut ‘white’ did nothing. We think it’s a bit like Marmite as some have raved and others have echoed our sentiment.

The dish is now available across the country.

Wagamama’s Bang Bang Cauliflower has finally been given a vegan makeover and is now marked as SFV on the menu. It had a bit of a kick to it, as the name suggested, but I found it really enjoyable. The natural sweetness of the vegetable and its creaminess lent itself well to the punchy sauce.

The great thing to see are the vegan dessert options. We can’t get excited about the sorbets or dairy free ice creams that Wagamama have been serving up but to see a cake listed gave us cause to whoop.

The Mango and Matcha Layer Cake is a bit like a modern version of a Victoria Sponge.

It has a really zingy, refreshing taste on account of the yuzu and passion fruit puree used. We’re big fans and hope many other chains will follow suit on adding a decent vegan dessert option like this to the menu.

Have you tried these new vegan dishes at Wagamama yet? Share what you think with our community!

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