New Gü Fabulously Free From Cheesecakes

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 07/04/19

Gü have launched three Fabulously Free From takes on their best-selling range of mouthwatering puds. We bought two from Asda to try out as we were unable to find the other flavours. In our local store they were housed with the other dairy free alternatives. Not only are the desserts free from dairy, they are also gluten free. They retail at £2 for 2 ramekins.

First up was Spanish Lemon Cheesecake. 

Lemon Cheesecake

It has layers of lemon coconut (yes, coconut again) cream and a curd-style lemon sauce on a crumbly gluten-free biscuit base.

Our Teen loved this, and he isn’t even vegan. He said he felt it was the first dessert alternative that could go toe to toe with the ‘original’, i.e he didn’t feel like the dairy free alternative was lacking in flavour because it was using coconut instead of cow secretions.

As someone who isn’t a fan of coconut I’d agree. I felt the coconut flavour was more a subtle background note and that the dessert had a creaminess I haven’t encountered before with alternatives.

We followed up it by trying the Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake.

No surprise that yet again, a dessert features more coconut.

This one has layers of chocolate coconut ganache and Indonesian coconut cream on a gluten-free biscuit base.

It was rich with flavour and the teen thought it was a bit overwhelming. I personally also enjoyed the Lemon flavour more but liked how rick the chocolate dessert was. I felt the coconut was more noticeable in this variety but didn’t put me off.

The other available flavour which we couldn’t find at the time of writing is Strawberry & Rhubarb variety. I for one am not a rhubarb fan at all so would leave it up to other to try. 

The cheesecakes are a great addition to the range, especially as they incorporate gluten free and vegan. The ramekins are reuseable, too. 

Have you tried one of these desserts yet? Share what you think with our community!

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