Iceland’s New No Moo Chocolate Puddings

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 17/04/19

It’s great to see more vegan desserts appearing in the supermarkets, although many are made with coconut and it is something you either love or hate. Iceland’s new No Moo Chocolate Puddings are not only dairy and egg free, they claim to have an oozy chocolate centre. We were excited to find them in our local store and retail at £2 for two desserts. 

Cooking instructions are to bake in the oven for 13-15 minutes. We put them in for 13 minutes and found the centre had already ‘dried out’. It was still moist, but not as molten as we’d anticipated. That said, it didn’t bother me as the dessert was still enjoyable. It reminded me of the chocolate mug cakes my Mum used to make for me in the microwave as a child. They are quite rich, so we had ours with dairy free squirty cream and ice cream to cut through the sweetness.

Personally this may have just been an issue with our oven as others seem to have managed to get a gooey centre from the dessert.

The Moo Free Chocolate Puddings also join  No Porkie Burgers and 2 vegan pizzas as part of Iceland’s expanding vegan range. You can find out more about the No Bull line here.

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  • Kelly Carter says:

    Really tasty.
    It’s not often I get to eat chocolatey things anymore as I am vegan. I also won’t buy products containing palm oil so it’s a win win for me♥️

  • Karen says:

    Rosemary unfortunately this is true, so many choices for vegans now, but unlucky if you’re coeliac or wheat intolerant 🙁

  • Rosemary says:

    Problem is that they still have gluten in and therefore no good for coeliacs and wheat allergy sufferers. Vegan foods seem to have overtaken gluten free foods unfortunately.

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