Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

by Gavin
Last updated: 06/01/19

Greggs have officially launched a vegan sausage roll!

Known up and down the country and found on most high streets, Greggs have dabbled with vegan options before. We’ve had a Bean Wrap since the summer, as well as their Belgian Buns and sweet mince pies. They also have Snowy Roads for sale, too.

A couple of months ago they confirmed they were working on a vegan sausage roll. We’re not short of vegan sausage rolls, there are options available but these are mostly frozen. The fact that there are so many Greggs stores across the country means that veganism suddenly becomes more accessible. Not only that, the new meat free sausage rolls are only £1. They are only 5p more expensive than the ‘regular’ version. Long gone are the days when a company bumps up the cost simply because its vegan. 

We quickly got hold of one and did our taste test. It’s better than we expected.  Our meat eating friends have said it’s better than the meat version, which must be high praise indeed. 

The reason? The pastry seems less greasy. The ‘meat’ is nicer due to it not being over bearing in terms of its peppery taste. They are using Quorn sausages for the filling. They taste less processed than the regular version. 

Good on Greggs for sticking by their word. There’s also a vegetable soup option too, but we’ve yet to try that in any of our local stores. Now let’s see more options available because you’ve nailed this one! 

Have you tried one of Greggs sausage rolls yet? Share what you think with our community!

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