Classic Inns Vegan Dishes

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 25/06/18

It seems to be easier these days to eat out on the high street, especially as so many big names have clearly labelled vegan dishes on their menus. We discovered Stonegate were promoting a new menu featuring meat and dairy free options at one of their chains so we decided to visit one of their pubs and try them for ourselves. 

With over 690 pubs located around the country, you may not even be aware of the brand. Names like Slug & Lettuce, Yates or Walkabout may be more familiar, however. Local to us is a pub called The Grey Horse which is part of their Classic Inns format and we popped along for a leisurely lunch to test out what was on offer for vegans. You can search for one close to you here.

As you can see above, the menu has clearly labelled vegan dishes. This makes ordering so much easier. Many families like our own aren’t exclusively vegan, so the beauty of visiting somewhere like this is that there are dishes to appeal to all dietary tastes and requirements. 

I chose the Mediterranean Vegetable Tart which is served with a healthy superfood salad. The plate looked appetising and was way more filling than we anticipated. It was good to have two vegan dishes to chose from, although I opted for the tart as I felt it would be better lunch choice. At £8.29 the Butternut Linguine is a reasonably priced possibility.

Not only was there a selection for main course, there was also a proper vegan dessert! Instead of the standard sorbet we see in restaurants Classic Inns have a delicious sounding Blueberry and Prosecco Cake available. 

Of course we had to give it a try! The cake was moist and the raspberry coulis it was served with contrasted with the sweetness of the icing.

We found the staff helpful and friendly and the prices were reasonable. It is great to see pubs offering vegan options like this and we hope other chains follow suit.

Please let us know about any new vegan menus you’ve found while out and about and share photos with the community!


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