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Lists of vegan art and craft supplies, ideas for DIY projects, tips for being vegan on a budget – an ever growing and diversifying category, offering support, information and inspiration for your vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Fairs Festaivals Markets UK Vegan Womble

Vegan Fairs, Festivals + Markets

in the UK, 2018

Vegan Tattoos and Aftercare Vegan Womble

a handy list of

vegan tattoos + aftercare

A Review of Temporary Tattoos

from Things I Care About

Vegan and Cruelty Free Art and Craft Supplies Vegan Womble

a list of cruelty free and vegan

art + craft supplies

Stretching Veggie Mince into 6+ Meals

frugal vegan recipe ideas


vegan recipe

Savoury bites

vegan recipe

Vegan on a budget