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by Penny
Last updated: 06/02/18

Which is the best alternative to milk in tea?

We get this question a lot in our Facebook Group. To find a conclusive answer we created a poll so you could benefit from our community’s extensive research into brewing the perfect vegan cuppa!

(We also have a Best Plant Milk in COFFEE Poll).

We will continue to collect votes for the foreseeable, so please vote for your favourite below. If you prefer a specific brand of plant milk in your tea, cast your vote, then leave the brand name in the comments, so that we can keep the word cloud up to date. Thanks all!

Best plant milk in TEA?
635 votes


Which brand of plant milk is best in tea?

From the comments we have gathered from this post as well as our initial Facebook poll, it would seem Oatly is the winning brand of plant milk for tea. From the looks of it, soya milk is much of a muchness, with no clear favourite, although there is some agreement that UHT soya milks are better than fridge stored ones.

Do you have a favourite brand? Vote for the best type of plant milk above, then leave the brand name in the comments so we can update our word cloud.

Best Alternative Milk in Tea Poll by Vegan Womble 30-1

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