Asda’s New Vegan Flatbread Pizza

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 17/04/19

Asda have launched a new vegan pizza on their shelves. The Flatbread Pizza, topped with dairy free cheese, was found amongst the other Italian products in our local store, as opposed to in the Free From section. Being fans of the ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ counter in Asda and thrilled now we can get a vegan version at a bargain price (see our list of Supermarket Vegan Pizzas and Bases here) we had high hopes for this ‘off the shelf’ variety.

Unfortunately it disappointed. The toppings weren’t as generous and the base was a letdown. Compared to other varieties like Goodfellas this seemed cheap in comparison. The tomato sauce and dairy free cheese were also used sparingly, as you can see in the photos. As they retail at £2.50, my advice would be to go to the counter in store and make one up yourself with the toppings of your choice.

There are assurances that the bases at Asda counters are suitable for vegans, although they do carry a milk cross contamination warning. Also insist your server changes their gloves before assembling your pizza.

In my local store they are always really good and wash their hands, use fresh gloves, get a new sauce out for mine, etc. A 10″ version is £2.30 and 14″ is £3.50. Who needs Domino’s, right?

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