Aldi’s New Vegan Sausage Rolls

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 26/05/19

Greggs vegan Sausage Rolls have been a huge success for the company so it’s little surprise many others are now following suit. Tesco have recently launched a warm version in stores and Aldi have a frozen one now on sale for £1.19 (per pack of 4), giving Linda McCartney a run for their money. But what do they taste like?

The rolls themselves are a decent size and don’t require brushing with plant milk before popping in the oven. The cooking time is between 18-20 which is frustrating if you’re feeling peckish! Although we love the Greggs vegan sausage roll because of how light they are compared to the meat variety, they still are a little greasy. The Aldi version lack that ‘film’ and are firm in texture.

The sausage itself has a similar taste to sage and onion stuffing which is very nice. The whole family agreed that they were really good, especially for the price. Aldi will also be adding plant-based ‘meat’ and chicken burgers to their range, although we haven’t spotted them in our local store as yet. We will keep you posted.

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