About Vegan Womble


Vegan Womble has been around since 2009. It initially started as a diary blog, and then changed to mainly list articles to make it easier for both vegans and non-vegans to find products free from animal ingredients.

How does a community blog work?

We wanted to do more to help, so we set up a Facebook Group – Vegan Womble Community Chatroom. There is now a great community who love to share photos and info to help keep all the information and vegan product lists up to date. Unfortunately with the growth of vegan products entering the market we are always behind, so do double check products as ingredients change often. We have a lovely group of helpers that oversee the group and they do a fantastic job. We also have a Facebook Page. We all love taking photos and sharing them, as well as lots of interesting articles, info and vegan recipes.

We are always happy to hear from other vegans, transitional vegetarians and anyone interested in becoming vegan. There is always someone here to help. For a little extra support, or to help others, join our community…


Vegan considerations

While the Vegan Womble blog is UK based, there are many products listed here that are sold internationally. Packaging and ingredients can change over time, so please double check everything, and let us know if you spot any changes. We include products that state ‘may contain milk/egg’, i.e. they are at risk of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process. This is simply an allergy warning, but these products cannot be marked vegan by law. They are however, generally considered suitable for vegans.

If a product has no animal derived ingredients, we will list it. This does include products that some vegans might avoid, like palm oil, and brands that are owned by non-vegan or animal testing parent companies. The pros and cons of boycotting such products are debatable, so we believe it is up to the individual to do their own research and decide for themselves whether they feel it is appropriate to avoid a product – we don’t want to make that choice for you.


Spotted a product that’s not listed on Vegan Womble?

Product suggestions and photos are submitted by the Vegan Womble community – you are our eyes and ears. We will keep adding products as they come in, so please keep sending us your vegan discoveries, through our Facebook Group – Vegan Womble Community Chatroom, tag #veganwomble on Instagram, or send product photos via our Suggestions Box:

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Vegan Womble Shop & Directory

Martin from Banjo Design has set up a shop to help fund our site. Many hours have been spent sourcing lovely vegan goodies like t-shirts and totes, all with great ethical credentials. Shop now…